Sorry all…. I know I’ve not kept up with my posts and everything lately.  I’ve had a lot of other studies on the mind lately… including the Torah(since Jesus kept it, and Paul did also), which has given me a bit of stir of my faith much like running into biblical unitarianism did.  There’s a huge issue with having a false God, and likely also a huge issue if Christians are to be keeping the Torah(not FOR salvation) but are not keeping it… a number of verses are very clear showing God will not even answer our prayers(or calls them an abomination, that Proverb 28:9 clearly means the Torah, not just PART of it) if we’re not keeping the Torah, or attempting to keep it in spirit.  It would make a sure explanation of why modern professing Christianity is so divided today and way off course since many do not even recognize the most important Law of the entire Torah being the Sh’ma.  I mean, not only does most of modern professing Christianity have a false tri-une god in some form… they also ignore the Sh’ma.   It’s amazing… I cannot remember one time in the entirety of my life I ever really cared about the Sh’ma from childhood church for 10 years all the way up to 3 years in a very faithful church to the commandments(or so I was thinking) of Jesus until I repented of trinitarianism.  Most professing Christians don’t care at all about the greatest commandment really because they aren’t looking at who SAID it and who KEPT It… Jesus.  “Hear O’ Israel, YHWH our God, YHWH is one” – Jesus, Mark 12:29.  Just remove that “our” and you can read into that verse all you’d like…

Anyways… the other big study has been to refresh my mind on our off-grid search for land. Since we sold our home back near the church locale finally… we have the money to start looking for land and building off-grid to grow our own organic food and raise smaller animals on a farm.  We want to be out of debt and stay home more to take care of our family… or I do since I work outside the home.  It’s more healthy and more self-sufficient in the long run once we get used to it. Anyways, those plans are looking to begin to come to fruition finally… years later.  So we’re busy looking for land and trying to hone in on a good spot to do all these plans.  It’s going to be busy prepping… so biblical studies have taken a step aside lately.  I have like 5 books I’m backed up on I’d still like to read… not counting the homestead/off-grid ones!  So yeah… figured I’d just post a short update.

Hope everything’s going well for you all.  Keep studying and telling the truth about the one God and one Messiah… it’s the only way we’re going to begin to reform modern Christianity back to it’s real biblical roots.



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