Update, still busy…

Hey all again… for anyone who cares haha…

Still really busy. But updating very quickly. We did find land a couple months ago and bought it, just under 6 acres! It was actually the original first plot we saw, but visited multiple times to see if it’s what we wanted and compare to others. It’s near my work and about 20 minutes from town. So we’re out in the country, and have a little more privacy and space to work with… we’re excited!

Things are movingly quickly though!  I know it’s freezing right now, and that’s halting plans… but spring is almost here.  We got the land cleared and are now getting ready to put the culvert in for the driveway easement.  Then the gravel driveway and plot will be put down. After that, putting down a small 12′ x 24′ lofted cabin to get started.  Can’t wait!

Don’t forget that my wife is due with our 2nd child come the first week of April! Our apartment lease ends in May. So, it’s all kind of a perfect storm month by month.

Off the grid is coming though, very soon. Hope to update and post pictures and things to gain a bit of a following for this also. I know people are interested in this type of stuff.

That’s all for now.  Eventually we will plan to have internet access on a more consistent basis on the land…but initially I doubt we will have it. We will have to use the local library or the McDonald’s down the street to update and check things.  It’s going to be different not having the internet on constant access…  I think that will be my biggest change.  I’m used to camping, but this is more of a permanent camping trip on a plot of land.  My wife on the other hand…thinks this will turn her world upside-down.  It’s going to be fun!


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