Up…to Date

I know I’ve not been on here in a long time…. and I hope that will change.  But the reason why is because our plans in large part were completely thrown off the course.  How many times must “The best laid plans of mice and men…” come true in our lives?

In short, we had plans to go off grid on our purchased land in June 2015.  We had hired a builder to make us an 850 sq. ft. Gambrel roofed 2 story barn that I was going to frame and finish the inside for our family to live in it.  We hired him with half down in cash, and the other half to be paid after it was built.  Without going into great detail—the builder went bankrupt literally the WEEK before he was supposed to build our place(and our lease was ending with our apartment).  That left us with $4700 less in cash, and no building to show for it.  We had to scramble to find another apartment in a short time so we wouldn’t be left homeless.  We didn’t want to renew because the four of us(2 adults, 1 young child and 1 newborn infant) were all crammed into a tiny 1 bedroom apartment and we’d already told them we were moving out.  So we had to find a 2 bedroom apartment really quickly.

Thankfully we did find one, even despite all it’s issues… but we had a place to live with now at least 2 bedrooms so we could put some space between us and our children.  It was getting a bit crazy.  I mean, we don’t mind living in a tight area—if we have to we can do it.  But because we were in an apartment there wasn’t really anywhere to “go” to get away and get outside like there would be with our land.

So, in short.. here we are now.  No home built, lost a good chunk of money, and now we’re trying to find out what to do with our land.  We’re not sure if we wish to sell it and just go find another country house(with more debt) or just wait until next spring and get out of our lease here… and get a camper and just get onto our land so we can start actually saving more money.  I really hate debt, that’s why I’d rather get on our land… I don’t want to be in debt for 10-15 years with a house.  The option to get a camper and get on our land(even with power temporarily) is more ideal to me.  But we’re still deliberating.

I hope that’s enough to update so far… and I hope to make more posts soon.  Sorry but it’s just been crazy and that’s just one part of the entire story.


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