Refining Fire Fellowship: Email copy 11 Mar 2014

This was Kerrigan’s response to my email requesting why I had not heard from them.

Sean, we all have busy lives.  You ought to know that by now.  There’s no reason to assume things about us or jump to conclusions.
The Elders have met, prayed about and discussed this situation, thoroughly.  We have decided not to discuss this further with you.  There really seems to be no reason for us to do so.  You seem to not be open to submitting to the truth of God’s Word (the Trinity) and we are definitely not going to be convinced by unitarianism.  You’d be wasting your time, trying to convince us, that’s for sure.
We will, however, keep praying for you, as well as for your wife and Emma, whom you are leading astray.  We pray that you’ll come to your senses, repent and give up your false teachings, before you end up in Hell.  It really is sad that you have chosen to turn aside to this.  I can’t say that I didn’t see something like this coming, when it comes to you…but we are all saddened by it, nonetheless.
Kerrigan Skelly

One Comment on “Refining Fire Fellowship: Email copy 11 Mar 2014”

  1. […] I’ll link that email here.  Kerrigan finally responded in email.  I will link that email here.  Essentially, he said they knew enough and there was nothing I could say to convince them.  So […]


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