Refining Fire Fellowship: Email copy March 11, 2014

This is my email sent to Kerrigan after not receiving a response for a couple weeks.


It’s been two weeks since I emailed you… and you haven’t yet responded to even set up a meeting?
Did you not receive my email?  Or is there something going on currently that this must wait…?
I would appreciate an update at least, I don’t mind waiting…. but some word so I can be aware and not think wrongly of the situation.
If you’ve decided you don’t even want to dialogue, I’d find that grieving… but at least let me know.  This is quite important, and is tied directly to salvation(John 17:1-3). So I do have concern for you all, just as much as you likely have a concern for me and Tina.  I’m not going to pick up and leave without at least attempting to change your minds.
Thank you

One Comment on “Refining Fire Fellowship: Email copy March 11, 2014”

  1. […] regarding why I had not been contacted at all back to set up a meeting. I’ll link that email here.  Kerrigan finally responded in email.  I will link that email here.  Essentially, he said they […]


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